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Street Lighting & Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals
Contractors West, Inc. has constructed, maintained, repaired and upgraded traffic signal intersections for roadways and highways for over 30 years. As an experienced electrical contractor with a proven record of success, we have long been a recognized leader in the Traffic Signal and Highway Electrical Construction industry in Arizona.

Private and public owners along with city and state municipalities depend on us for a variety of traffic signal related services including underground, wiring, installation and more. In addition to new construction we are available for preventative maintenance, trouble calls and the like, and all of our services are performed by skilled and experienced IMSA trained professionals with the experience to get the job done right.

Traffic signal installation requires an experienced hand in order to avert or minimize potential problems, and we bring an expertise in all areas of installation including:

We would love to bid for your next job and show you firsthand how our expertise and affordability can fit into your traffic signal construction project.

Street Lighting
Well-designed and implemented street lighting is essential to the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike on any street. Contractors West, Inc. is responsible for the installation of street lighting on many roads throughout Arizona, and will work with your municipality in its efforts to implement a system of street lights that accentuate roadways while promoting safety.

Contractors West, Inc. uses LED street lights that use significantly less power than traditional lighting, sometimes as much as two-thirds, allowing your municipality to save money. For any state or local government this is good news. And we are always available for timely maintenance and repairs that become a priority the minute we become aware of them. You’ve seen our lighting on or around:

Wherever residential neighborhoods and main thoroughfares where drivers and pedestrians reside is where you’ll find our street lighting handiwork. Proper street lighting helps to keep neighborhoods safe from crime and drivers more aware of their surroundings.

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